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Make Lunch.
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Inspired meals that will compel even the toughest of children. Take the power struggle out of mealtime with this fun and creative collection of recipes.

Meet Jenny.

Oh hey!

Jenny Mollen is the New York Times bestselling author, media darling, and Instagram personality behind @dictatorlunches. She is also the mom (and loyal subject) of two young dictators, Sid and Lazlo.

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Jenny's Favorites

Healthy Butterfingers

Corn flakes, peanut butter, chocolate, ...

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Sheet Pan Bagels

Wheat flour, flax seeds, water, olive oil...

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Scantily-Clad Shrimp Kebabs

Shrimp, olive oil, lemon, bell pepper, ...

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Jenny shows Rachael Ray and Drew how to lunch it up

On The Drew Barrymore Show, Jenny teaches Drew and Rachael Ray how to make their own Dictator Lunches, and Jason Biggs comes out to assist with the taste testing.

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