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Dictator Lunches

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About the book

Any parent will tell you that raising dictators children can be challenging. Thankfully Jenny Mollen takes the power struggle out of mealtime with this inspired collection of 40 recipes with a special emphasis on solving the age-old problem of school lunch. Dictator Lunches will soon become your secret weapon in the kitchen. Mollen shares her foolproof method for packing winning lunches, along with easy-to-master techniques that will transform ordinary ingredients into adorable edible art, like Strawberry Actresses, Cucumber Penguins, and Rice Pandas.

What You Need to Survive Any Authoritarian Lunch Regime

Repurpose StuffOnce you realize that Cookie Cutters can literally cut anything, the world opens up and the sun shines down.

Candy EyesYou know what makes everything taste better? Google eyes. Made out of candy. This isn’t rocket science, people. It's lunch.

RepetitionExposing dictators to new foods is not for the faint of heart. You will try and fail. But you are strong, and you will win in the end.

Break it DownWhen you break up your food into themed categories (the veg, the bribe, the main, etc.), lunch isn’t as intimidating.

But, Mom, why is it called “Dictator Lunches?”

Sid ( age 8 )

Because, Sid, you’re the dictator


Great. As long as it’s about me


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